1. The Rave (Milwaukee, WI)
    2. Discovery World (Milwaukee, WI)
    3. Six Flags, Great America. (Gurnee, IL)
    4. Vancouver, BC, Canada. 
    5. Duluth, MN.
    6. Fuddruckers (Milwaukee, WI)
    7. Owatonna, MN
    8.  Milwaukee, WI
    9. Chornobyl’, Kyivs’ka oblast, Ukraine
    10. Burj Al Arab (Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

    These are my 10 favorite places in the hole world. 

    I’ve been to the Rave once to see Owl City in concert and I loved it. I plane on going back soon. The tickets are well priced, the staff is very nice, VIP is so worth it (We parked right by Owl City’s tour bus), and they have many great bars. I got to meet two members of the Owl City Tour Band too!

    I’ve been to Discovery World two times and I would go a 1,000,000 more. When I step I there it’s like stepping into an Owl City song. They have the coolest touch-tanks and an “out of this world” Hive.

    I went to Six Flags once for a Choir field trip as part of Music In The Parks. We performed really early in the morning, then took like a 30 minute bus ride to Six Flags, when we got there we could split up so me and my best friend got to run around the park by our self’s, then we had to meet up with our class so we could pick up our 2cd place award, then we had dinner and ran around some more. It was the most freedom I have ever had and I had so much fun. I get to do it all again next year!

    I have never been to Canada but I <3 Canada. I want to go to Vancouver because some of my favorite singers come from there and it sounds pretty cool.

    Duluth. I want to go because it has a woodsy ocean side town even though it’s far away for the sea. Adam Young has based a lot of his from Duluth and has made it sound very nice.

    Fuddruckers has the best set up and food in the world. I’ve been there one time. I ate there before I went to see Owl City. It was great because they have a butch of music stuff there. I’m going to eat their next month.

    Owatonna is Owl City’s home town. I love the idea of a small town and hanging out with a down to earth singer.

    Milwaukee is my love. I am a WI girl and a big city girl. I was born in Madison and now I live in a small town not too far from there but I’ve always lover Milwaukee.

    Chornobyl is the most interesting ghost town in the world in my eyes. I have never been there and I don’t think I ever will go there, but I will always love it.

    The first time I saw Burj Al Arab on the cover of Owl City’s Ocean Eyes I thought it was a boat. And I thought it was for many years but now I know it’s one of the greatest places on earth. I wish that some day I will have enough money to go stay there.

    Wish me luck in my future travels. I promise I will tell you my stories from those too. I love you all. <3

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